The joy of discovery and growth

For a child, their bedroom is their own world. A kingdom of adventure and imagination in which to live and grow. And just like the imagination of all children, the possibilities for combinations of items that can decorate a room are endless. You have to choose them with care and attention, create the right balance between fun, functionality and a room that they can grow up in.

A complex operation which must be performed with care and expertise, attentive to the modern products offered by the market but at the same time maintaining our traditional way of working which has been enhanced over the years. In order to do this work, there must be a profound synergy, the same ideas between parents who know their children with all the requirements, needs and those of the furnishing experts who can offer the best solutions to make every room unique.

A realm of fantasy

At Di Mauro Mobili, we know this delicate furniture and furnishing sector well with professionalism and passion. We put ourselves at the disposal of all children and their parents to find the best solution for the bedrooms in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse.
We are fully aware that the rooms for the development of every child must be equipped with bright colours, soft and amusing shapes, but without forgetting safety certification and furniture that encourages development and growth. In our showroom, you can find sectors of real innovative décor, all purchased with confidence.
This is because all the solutions for the bedrooms in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse that we offer have all had thorough safety checks that are performed on each material and fixture. This care and attention for taste makes our children's rooms not only attractive and pleasant to the world of fantasy that every child creates, but also safe for their playtime. The solutions we provide are innumerable, nothing remains but to come and discover them.