Sweet dreams and intimacy

The bedroom is the room which is par excellence the place of intimacy and rest. It is a private place where you can regenerate and nurture dreams and expectations. It represents the future more than any other room. Here the couple's life is spent, as well as the opportunity to reflect on the next day after having thought about the past, ready to start the next morning. For this, it is essential that every item in the room portrays calmness and well-being. Only in this way, you can recharge balanced and serene during the hours of rest. A room that looks untidy because you do not know where to put your own clothes or poorly furnished because it is made quickly and superficially not matching the personality of the owners prevents this refreshing action impacting on days of leisure and work. For when the day begins in the wrong way, it spoils all subsequent activities even the most simple and daily. This is what happens to this important area. It is undervalued and defined a simple place to sleep with the need to have only a bed and a pillow forgetting that in reality, each element has its influence on personal well-being.

Care and attention to rest and comfort

For us, Di Mauro Mobili, designing the bedrooms in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse, has always been a challenge, because of the complexity and fragility of the operation. This is because, in some way, during the chat about customers' selection and choice of the best furniture solution, we feel responsible for all of the people who decide to trust in our expertise. A challenge, however, we willingly accept. We are confident that through careful listening to the specific needs, we can achieve the ideal bedroom for each client being able to combine comfort and beauty in a harmonious co-existence. We offer elegant solutions with furniture from antique or contemporary design taste, exclusive and precious materials in our work with careful attention to detail, studied and designed with passion which only our professionals are able to do. We are always ready to share our thoughts on the individual needs regarding bedrooms in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse to then modify them based on the opinions and suggestions that come from specific clients.
Creating the bedroom as dreamed will be for us the greatest satisfaction certain to have contributed to the restorative sleep of those who wanted to make us part of contributing to their well-being.