Space and softness to rest and have fun

When you think of a living room, the first thing that comes to mind is neither the book case nor the TV stand. This important room, synonymous with relaxation, hospitality, conviviality, escape from everyday stress, has one symbol: the sofa.

This object, however, does not only include the number of features that should be in a living room, but it is also the most visible, observable and therefore has to match with all the elements in a unique, pleasant atmosphere. The sofa is the object that represents the family who own it, placed in the living room and therefore must be chosen with care and attention so that it can best reflect the lifestyle of the owners. The wide range on the market today certainly does not facilitate the task. Elements and different products with functionality, materials, and shapes are proposed in different combinations making it possible to highly customise each sofa. It then becomes impossible to say that a sofa is similar to another because of the wide range of options and quality of the materials.

Experience in comfort

At Di Mauro Mobili, each customer will have at its disposal a wide choice of many different sofas. This is because we are aware that there has to be a sofa in a comfortable and stylish home with a comfortable shape, attention to detail and Italian-made where you can spend the evenings in total relaxation reading a book or watching a film alone or in the company of friends and loved ones. A wide range that does not mean, however, low quality. Our sofas, in fact, are characterised by their unique design and the high quality of the materials.
All the products that we offer to those who need sofas in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse, are selected carefully and scrupulously among the best manufacturers in the industry exclusively chosen to offer the best that the market offers. In our store, the customers will have the opportunity to find not only sofas in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse, but also sofa beds, as well as typical beds, storage beds, easy chairs custom-made, according to specific requirements, sofas, sofa beds and chair beds.