The passion of a lifetime

Di Mauro Mobili puts all its experience and expertise in the furniture in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse, gained through years of work within the industry. Our greatest strength is the ability to make the furniture into a true form of art, by creating more innovative and efficient sectors, as well as the exclusive use of superb raw materials which are highly selected. This allows us to operate with professionalism, accuracy and attention to details during our work. A trade driven by passion and precision, which leads us to offer our customers the specific product for their needs, a quality piece of furniture made with passion. We work closely with the craftsman as well as love and respect for the product, always looking for the best raw materials to work with. We pay close attention and interest to what is new in the industry, both in the materials and the work techniques. In this way, we can bring a high level of quality to our finished products.

Fitted kitchens, modern furnishings, antique furniture and Art Deco are some of the furnishing variants present in our extensive samples where customers can choose the best solution for their needs. A wide range where creativity and imagination come together, combined with the classic taste of tradition that provides unique and inimitable products.

Unique Professionalism and accuracy

For product realisation that we have made available, we only employ professionals with specific skills, so that they can operate with precision on every aspect of production. This allows us to obtain products in which the smallest detail is made with absolute precision and accuracy for optimum quality.
Our furniture shop in Priolo Gargallo, Syracuse has a large display of modular furniture and furnishing solutions with the best brands, made from different materials to finely furnish any environment that will meet specific needs, requirements and personal taste which is our priority during the selection phase. This approach focused on each customer allows us to provide a highly personalised service for each individual. The attention to customer needs drives us to find new ideas and solutions, putting us to the test and allowing us to be in constant evolution. Every customer and every need, therefore, is for us an opportunity for growth which we welcome in order to improve our furnishing range and industry expertise. We are fully aware of how important the furniture of a room is for the feeling of comfort and well-being. For this, our experience in décor is sure to turn your ideas and desires into reality, using only high quality products. Our purpose is not to sell a ready made product, but to find the perfect one for different types of rooms and people to bring out the best both aesthetically and functionally.
We at Di Mauro Mobili offer furnishings exclusively to enrich and enhance every room: this is why we feel we are the best solution for the décor!